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Nintendogs: Lab Cheats

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Nintendo DS: Nintendogs: Lab Cheats

get 50 dogs in ur house
go to kennel buy 50 dogs then go home and bame u hvae 50 dogs
unlock everything

Nintendo DS: Nintendogs: Lab Cheats
call the dog and tell him to lie down then roll over then put his paw up you will get 10,000,000.00
lab and friends
get every breed of dog in the kennell.
get every breed of dog in the kennell
nintendogs lab and friends
money cheats

nintendo ds:nintendogs:labrador cheats
if you get 120,000,000 trainer points you can unlock the wolf. weird but it works.
Nintendogs Chihuahua and Friends Cheats Hints and Secrets

Get Different Toys
Before you go on a walk put on your dog a lucky collar then put up the clover clock.
4 the 1st 1 up at the top
yeah wicked does it realkly work

peach karts
i lovvvve labradors iv got the lab vershen yea labradors rule
dalmation no firemans hat !!!
if you have a freind with dalmation & freinds or a freind with a dalmation go into bark mode tell him/her to bring the dalmation and when they mt wait exactly 2 minutes and exit bark mode NOTE:DO NOT TURN THE GAME OFF! and a message should come and it should say welldone you have recieved dalmations in the kennels or somthing like that.
good presants
if u set the date as ur birthday and then go on a walk u will get more good presants.

good presants
if u set the date as ur birthday and then go on a walk u will get more good presants.

long and short walks
if you,ve just brought a dog you cant take it on a long walk but when i go on a short walk i go to the agilty trial building so you can enter a competition and get some money and if you had you dog for about a month or more the bar has usual gone about 3/4 up the blue part
erase data
at the thing where it says nintendo in red at begining press a b y x L and R it will ask u if u wanna erase all data
thanks !!!!!!
do u hav dem
jack russell
how do i get the jack russell book
dis is amazin stuff!
i luv all dis info. 4 da game it is well good man!
i never knew dogs live in parks
if you want one of your dogs to live in the park you kneed at least one axseesarie. go to the park change what the dog is waering and save turn off the game and go back on youll b in the park with your dog so long and remember to feed your dog
by connorw

infinite money

Endless walks
If you are tired of waiting half an hour or more to take your dog for a walk, all you have to do is make a walking route which leads to the park. When you get to the park, change accesory and the game will auto save. switch your DS off straight away then switch it back on. u will have all the stuff u collected in your supplies list and you can go back for a nother walk

need help
all of these cheats dont work except the endless walks one that is really technically a cheat
rite money cheat
L R y x b b L L

seriously works

50000 trainer points
keep your dog in very good condition for 1 month and walla 50000 trainer points!
how do i get the jackrussel book



Please stop the cursing.

thank you
money omg
it works just type LLLRRRR yyybbaax
to win 600,000,000,000,000
how your dog gets shot
if u lose all3 contest your dog will get shot

how your dog gets shot
if u lose all3 contest your dog will get shot

None of them work
Big lyers

Get The Promise Ring
Make yr dog wear a lucky collor then change the clock to clover clock. Take yr dog for a walk and see what u get.
Get The Promise Ring

Make yr dog wear a lucky collor then change the clock to clover clock. Take yr dog for a walk and see what u get.

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