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Pokemon: Blue Version Cheats

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Game Boy: Pokemon: Blue Version Cheats

Pokemon: Blue Version Only Way To Get Mew
Apparently, catching a Mew is no longer bee-ess. This glitch has been verified by IGN Pokemon Board Mods, so you know.

Restart your game and play until you get HM02 Fly from the house west of Celadon City (or just beat the third gym and get the badge that lets you use fly out of battle and trade pokemon that know fly to the new game).

IMPORTANT!!: DO NOT fight the following trainers:
  • The Youngster with a Slowpoke (level 17) on the road to Bill's house(Route 25). He is the fourth trainer after you cross Nugget Bridge,standing directly above a female trainer and facing north.
  • The Gambler with two poliwags and a poliwhirl (all level 22) betweenLavender Town and Saffron City (Route 8). He is standing just east ofthe entrance to Saffron City, facing north toward the door of theUnderground Path. Care fully follow the series of steps illustratedbelow...

    Make sure you have a pokemon that knows FLY. Make sure you have a level5 or 6 pokemon and a pokemon that knows SLEEP on your team. Stock upwith pokeballs (Great Balls work the best). Now Save your game before youenter Route 8 since saving after this point will disrupt the procedure.

    On Route 8, stand in front of the door of the Underground Path (don't letthe gambler see you or you will need to restart where you last saved).Walk down one step and IMMEDIATELY press start. If you succeed, the menuwill pop up before the Gambler "sees" you. Go to the Pokemon list andfly to Cerulean City. The Gambler will see you just before you fly away.Your Start button will no longer function. Go north across Nugget Bridgeand head east until you find the Youngster described above.

    If you walk right up to the Youngster, the game will lock up, so you'llhave to let him see you and walk up to you. Defeat hisSlowpoke(afterwards your start button will work again), then fly toLavender Town. Head west into Route 8. As soon as you enter the narrowpath, the menu will pop up by itself. Press B to exit. . . and awild Mew should appear. Mew will be at Level 7 and its only attack willbe Pound. Get'em! Once you've caught Mew, you can save without any ill effects!

    NOTE: I did this on my red game and I assume it works on the others (the Pokemon Board Mods say 'Yes'). It iswell worth testing it because it is fairly easy to do but it is a littletime consuming.

    Submitted by Megod

    Yesterday, I tried this, and it worked. Mew is in the games Pokemon Red and Blue. I do not know if it is in Yellow however. To get it, you start a new game and do not fight the trainer facing the underground tunnel just past Lavender Town (I think it is route 8) and also do not fight the trainer with a Slowpoke who says that his dad bought him a ticket to the SS Anne or something along those lines. Anyway, you play through the game past the 3rd gym leader and rock tunnel, then walk up to the door in front of the trainer on route 8. Do not let him see you face the trainer. Walk down and practically at the same time press START. You will have had to do a bit of trading from an old game so that you do not have to go through the entire adventure). Fly to Cerulean City and go past Nugget Bridge and beat the trainer with the slowpoke and then immediately fly back to Lavender Town. Enter the entrance to Route 8 and your pause menu pops up. Press B to return to the game and Mew appears. It is at level 7 and only knows the attack Pound.

    It turns out that when Nintendo made the game and programmed each pokemon into the game, Slowpoke and Mew each had the same coding at the beginning of their names. Also, when you flew away from Route 8 before the trainer had a chance to fight you, this tricks the game into thinking there should be a fight going on in Route 8. By entering that area, this triggers this fight but with Mew because you flew off before it occured. The opponent is surprisingly strong though. Try to put him to sleep and throw Great Balls. I did this trick only last night for the first time, and it surprised me when it worked when I actually didn't think it would. Many thanks.

    Verified by Dane

    Pokemon: Blue Version Unlockable: Diploma
    You must catch all 151 Pokemon and go and see Professor Oak in his lab. At that point, he will then give you the diploma.

    Pokemon: Blue Version Glitch: Duplicating Items (Again)
    Put the item you want to copy in the 6th slot in your pack (example: MASTERBALL x1, not POKEFLUTE). Then talk to the old guy in Viridian who shows you how to catch Pokemon and answer "no" and FLY to Cinnibar (or trade w/ a trader on the island). SURF up and down just off of the right (opposit of left, not wrong) side of the island until you find a MISSINGNO or an M-BLOCK. DO NOT CATCH THEM!!! Just RUN instead. Then check your items. The 6th slot will say x(glitch)9. (after the first 2 glitches, just keep using that item. It will go down to x0, then down to x99.)


    Pokemon: Blue Version Hint: Catch Safari Zone Pokémon With Normal Pokéballs
    (1) Visit the Safari Zone and enter the area with the Pokémon you want. (2) Fly to Veridian City and talk to the man who trains you to catch Pokémon. (3) Fly to Cinnibar Islands, and surf along the right coast. You'll eventually battle Safari Zone Pokémon.

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