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Game Boy: WWF Warzone Cheats

WWF Warzone Stone Cold Steve Austin's Passwords
  • vs. Goldust - JGTCDGK
  • vs. Goldust in feud - HKQFCKG
  • vs. Bulldog - RKQFCTG
  • vs. Owen Hart - JJRFBJH
  • vs. Mankind - CCNHKCD
  • vs. Undertaker - DGFHJBF
  • vs. Undertaker in feud - CKBKHFB
  • vs. Ahmed J. - MKBKHPB
  • vs. The Rock - DJCKGDC
  • vs. The Rock in feud - RMSMPRS
  • vs. Shawn M. - HMSHPHS
  • vs. Shamrock for IC title - SQTMNQT
  • vs. Shamrock in feud - RTQPMTQ
  • vs. Farooq - HJQPMKQ
  • vs. Kane in cage for championship - SSRPLSR

WWF Warzone Mankind's Passwords

WWF Warzone Undertaker's Passwords
Here are the passwords for The Undertaker, from Rank 7 to World Title Match!Rank Code7 HSCFKDD After Feud RSCFKND6 JTBFJFF5 MBTRMQQ4 NHSRLRR After Feud DHSRLHRIC Champ MJRTPSS After Feud CJRTPSS

WWF Warzone Triple H's Passwords

WWF Warzone Kane's Passwords

WWF Warzone Finishing Moves
The manual doesn't list the finishers for each of the wrestlers, so here's a full list of them.
Please note that left is ALWAYS left and right is ALWAYS right. It doesn't matter which way you're facing. Also, unless otherwise indicatd, these moves are done in Tie-Up.
  • Shawn Michaels
    Sweet Chin Music: Hold Special, Left, Right, Up.
  • Kane
    Tombstone Piledriver: Hold Special, Right, Up, Down.
  • Ken Shamrock
    Ankle Lock Submission: Hold Special, Left, Up, Right.
  • Steve Austin
    Stone Cold Stunner: Hold Special, Down, Left, Right.
  • Faarooq
    The Dominator: Hold Special, Down, Up, Left.
  • Goldust
    Curtain Call: Hold Special, Right, Down, Right.
  • Triple H
    The Pedigree: Hold Special, Up, Left, Down.
  • Mankind - (Done over a Fallen Opponent)
    Mandible Claw: Hold Special, Up, Right, Left.
  • Owen Hart
    Spinning Heel Kick: Hold Special, Down, Right, Left.
  • The Rock
    The Rock Bottom: Hold Special, Left, Down, Up.
  • British Bulldog
    Running Powerslam: Hold Special, Right, Left, Down.
  • Ahmed Johnson
    Pearl River Plunge: Hold Special, Up, Down, Left.
  • The Undertaker
    Tombstone Piledriver: Hold Special, Left, Down, Right.

WWF Warzone Shawn Michael's Passwords
  • 1.JHSCGCH V.s. British Bull Dog
  • 2.HJRFKDJ V.s. British Bull Dog in Feud
  • 3.RJRFKNJ V.s. Mankind
  • 4.JKQFJFK V.s. Undertaker
  • 5.CBPHCGB V.s. Ahmed Johnson
  • 6.DHDHBHC V.s. Ahmed Johnson in Feud
  • 7.NHDHBRC V.s. Ken Shamrock
  • 8.CJCKFJD V.s. The Rock
  • 9.DKBKDKF V.s. Kane
  • 10.RLTMRLQ V.s. Faarook
  • 11.SRSMQMR V.s. Faarook in Feud
  • 12.JRSMQCR V.s. Triple H- For IC Title
  • 13.RSRPTNS V.s. Triple H in Feud
  • 14.HSRPTDS V.s. Owen Hart
  • 15.STQPSPT V.s. Stone Cold- For World Title

WWF Warzone Glitch: Untouchable
This glitch is kind of fun but does nothing else. After you knock your opponent out of the ring, get ready to do a running kick (after the opponent climbs back in, but before the view changes). Afterwards, the opponent cannot touch you. Reverse it, by running at the rope and jumping (kicking) out of the ring.

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