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Timeslaughter Cheats

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PC: Timeslaughter Cheats

Timeslaughter Cheat Codes
To enable cheat mode, start the game with the command "ts midgetpower" then press any of the keys below while playing.
Keypress Message ActionCTRL-A Offscreen ON/OFF toggles Clipping ON/OFFCTRL-Z Tilt ON/OFF toggles tilt screen ON/OFFCTRL-E Death Mode ON/OFF ?CTRL-R Regions ON/OFF Character moves are censored with plain regionsCTRL-T Time ON/OFF Toggles Time ON/OFFCTRL-Y / Shows lots of info about things CTRL-U Spin ON/OFF spins the screen CTRL-I Status ON/OFF hides/displays status barsCTRL-O Strobe ON/OFF toggels strobe effect ON/OFF CTRL-P Game Paused Pauses/Upauses the gameCTRL-Q Air Moves ON/OFF Enables/Disables you to do moves in mid-airCTRL-S Super Moves ON/OFF ?CTRL-D Dark ON/OFF Hides/Displays background graphicsCTRL-F Fatality ON ?CTRL-H Teleport ON/OFF toggles character teleportsCTRL-K Kill !!! One hit kills your oponentCTRL-L Heads ON/OFF ?CTRL-W Zoom ON/OFF ?CTRL-X Suction ON/OFF ?CTRL-V VScroll ON/OFF toggles Vscroll ON/OFFCTRL-B Bloodier Even more bloodCTRL-N Combo Words ON/OFF toggles messages ON/OFF when you perform a comboCTRL-, Fast P1 ON/OFF ?CTRL-; Fast P2 ON/OFF ?CTRL-= Shot Taken creates screenshot in file 'Shot???.raw'

Timeslaughter Moves List
MOJUMBO~~~~~~~Fireball Flambe: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + PunchChubunga Tripper: Down-Away, Down, Down-Towards + KickHuman Meat Roll: Charge Backward, Press Forward + PunchCannibal Flame: Toward, Down, Down-Towards + PunchSpinning Flesh Sizzler: Down, Down, Down + PunchSLAUGHTER MOVE: Towards, Away, Towards + PunchJINSOKU~~~~~~~Nekuya Blade: Down, Down-Away, Away + PunchBlind man's Nodokiu: Towards, Down, Down-Towards + PunchGintsu: Charge Away, Press Forward + PunchYell of the Mtn Gods: Towards, Towards + PunchSpeedy Snow Blade Trash:Press Punch a lotSLAUGHTER MOVE: Down, Down, Down + PunchSAVAGE~~~~~~Atomic Smash: Towards, Down, Down-Towards + PunchGet the Flick Off: Down, Down + PunchTourette Shaker: Charge Backwards, Press Forwards + PunchProfanity Pummel: Away, Away, ForwardSpasm Punch: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + PunchSLAUGHER MOVE: Down, UpPIERRE~~~~~~Stroke of Death: Charge Backwards, Press Forwards + PunchKick de France: Down, Down-Away, Away + KickSacre Bleu: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + KickFrenchy Flip: Toward, Toward or Away, AwaySLAUGHTER MOVE: Charge Down-Towards, Away + PunchSPICE~~~~~High Heel Spin Kick: Down, Down-Away, Away + KickSlut Floor Sping: Down-Away, Down, Down-Towards + KickLimber Leap: Charge Away, Press Forward + KickSuper Ho: Away, Away, Forward + KickSLAUGHTER MOVE: Away, Down, Down + KickVLAD~~~~Myst Teleport: Down, Down-Away, Away + PunchNosferatu Spin: Charge Away, Press Forward + Punch Charge Forward, Press Away + PunchSHEEP EATER~~~~~~~~~~~ Down, Down-Towards, Towards + PunchHypnostare: Towards, Towards + PunchSLAUGHTER MOVE: Away, Towards, Down + PunchASYLUM~~~~~~Schizo Kick: Down, Down-Away, Away + KickPsycho Spiral: Towards, Down, Down-Towards + PunchLoony Spin: Down, Down-Away, Away + PunchCrazy Dive: Down, Up + PunchBouncy Ball: Down-Away, Towards + KickSplit Personality: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + PunchSLAUGHTER MOVE: Charge Away, Press Toward + PunchCHI~~~High Slithering Snake: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + PunchLow Slithering Snake: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + KickOriental Head Spin: Away, Down, Down-Towards + PunchHead Whipper: Press Punch a lotMantis Claw: Charge Away, Press Towards + PunchFortune Cookie Flip: Towards, TowardsSLAUGHTER MOVE: Away, Away, Away + PunchUG~~Run Head Smash: Charge Away, Press Towards + PunchBig Ground Slap: Down, Down + PunchIgneus Velocity: Down, Down-Away, Away + PunchClubba Clubba: Towards, Towards + PunchSLAUGHTER MOVE: Towards, Away, Away + PunchLAZARUS~~~~~~~Scottish Drop: Away, Down, Down-Away + PunchBroken Bottle: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + PunchStranded Smacker: Charge Away, Press Towards + PunchBeard Whip: Down, Down-Away, Away + PunchSLAUGHTER MOVE: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Kick

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