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PC: Zoo Tycoon Cheats

all dinos
name a man dinoman and youll get alldinos

all dinos
name a man dinoman and youll get alldinos

Zoo Tycoon Cheat: Money
Press SHIFT and 4 to instantly get $10K.

Zoo Tycoon Cheat: Extra Animals
Rename exibits for the following animals:

For A Unicorn, Rename Exibit To Xanadu.
For A Triceratops, Rename Exibit To Cretaceous Corral.

Zoo Tycoon Cheats: Name-Calling
Name your guests with the following names to yield different effects:

Mr. Orange, Mr. White, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Brown, Mr. Pink, or Mr. Blue : guest clothes and buildings will change to that color.

Russell C : all fences break
Adam Levesque : get all animal care programs
Lou Catanzaro : get all animal enrichment programs
John Wheeler : get all animal shelters
Hank Howie : get all staff education programs
Steve Serafino : get all endangered species
Andrew Binder : get all animal houses
Charlie Peterson : get all foliage
Akiyama : all scenarios unlock
Alfred H : crows and seagulls will attack your guests
Zeta Psi : some of your guests shirts will turn yellow and they'll start puking

Zoo Tycoon Cheats
Name your staff "Rosalie" to make them work for free.

Name an exhibit with the following names for special effects:
"Blue Fang" - all guests will be charged double without noticing
"Microsoft" - get double donations
"Wonderland" - get a bonus amount of visitors

Zoo Tycoon Cheat: Change Park Shape
To make the shape of your park resemble a specific land mass, name it after one of the countries below:

South Africa

Zoo Tycoon Cheat: Working for Free
Name one of your tour guides "Rosalie" and all your workers payment will be 0!

Zoo Tycoon Hint: Get a Mermaid
When you make an exhibit tank with any sea creature, put a statue of a mermaid in it, and the statue will come to life.

Zoo Tycoon Hint: Holiday Specials
To get a Holiday Tree wait until it is Christmas!(December 25th) Note: Holiday Tree is only available on December 25th!

Jack-O-LanternsTo get a jack-o-lantern it has to be Halloween!(October 31st)Note: Jack-O-Lanterns are only available on October 31st!

Super Croc
Name an exhibit Super Croc and get the prehistioric croc
Put a
i know this aint the right page but if any one has any ZT2 cheats can they let me know :D
money money
if you press shift and 4 at the beggining of a game your money will keeep going up and up until u stop but only do it when u have no exhibits built otherwise all your animals escape
UK, people cancer in the Every 36,000 Bowel around year ,
sweet money
if you name an animal exhibit pokemon you will geta pikachu
sweet money
if you name an animal exhibit pokemon you will geta pikachu
Moving Items
When you put a clam or treasure chest in a tank, they will make bubbles and open and close.
my sims


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