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Kingdom Hearts II Cheats

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Playstation 2: Kingdom Hearts II Cheats

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Bond of Flames
You must finish the fight with Axel in Twilight Town.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Fenrir
You must beat Sephiroth, the optional boss at Hollow Bastion.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Follow the Wind
You must beat Barbossa at Port Royal.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Guardian Soul
You must beat Hades in the 'Underworld' section of Olympus Coliseum.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Gullwing
Speak to Yuna after beating Hades in the 'Underworld' section.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Hero's Crest
Beat the Hydra at Olympus Coliseum.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Hidden Dragon
Beat Shan-Yu in The Land of Dragons.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Holy Pumpkin
You have to beat the Test Subject in Halloween Town.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Monochrome
Defeat Pete at Timeless River.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Oathkeeper
You must finish Sora's first visit to Twilight Town.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Oblivion
You must beat Xigbar in The World that Never Was.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Photon Debugger
You must finish the Space Paranoids.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Rumbling Rose
You must talk to Beast after returning to Beast's Castle.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Sleeping Lion
You must to Ansem's study in Hollow Bastion.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Star Seeker
You must get Valor Form at The Mysterious Tower.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Ultima Weapon
You must get the Ultima Recipe in the basement of the mansion in Twilight Town. Once that's done, you can use the Moogle Shops to synthesize the keychain.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Wisher's Lamp
You must beat Jafar in Agrabah.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Mysterious Abyss
You must finish Chapter 3 of Atlantica.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Secret Ending
Finish all the worlds and Jiminy's Journal if you're in "standard mode," or just finish all of the worlds in you're in "proud mode."

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Chicken Little
You can pick it up in the 100 Acre Wood world. It'll become available after the second cutscene.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Genie
You have to beat the Volcano and Blizzard Lord.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Peter Pan
After the second visit to Port Royal, you'll find it in the ship grevayard.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Stitch
Once you acquire Master Form, you'll find it in the hallway to the computer room in Hollow Bastion.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Gummi Ship Level 2
You must obtain Level 1 with S, A, or B Ranks.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Gummi Ship Level 3
Get through Level 1 and 2 with S, A, or B Ranks.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Ship Models
  • Cactuar S-Rank: The Broken Highway Mission 2
  • Cait Sith S-Rank: The Sunlight Storm Mission 2
  • Chocobo S-Rank: The Ancient Highway Mission 2
  • Fenrir S-Rank: The Assault of the Dreadnought Mission 2
  • Highwind Model S-Rank: The Asteroid Sweep Mission 2
  • Kingdom Model S-Rank: The Asteroid Sweep Mission 2
  • Mandragora S-Rank: The Floating Island Mission 2
  • Moogle S-Rank: The Splash Island Mission 2
  • Mushroom Model S-Rank: The Assault of the Dreadnought Mission 1
  • PuPu S-Rank: The Stardust Sweep Mission 2
  • Secret Model S-Rank: The Assault of the Dreadnought Mission 3
  • Tonberry S-Rank: The Phantom Storm Mission 2

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Berserk Mode
You must achieve a Metal Level of Level 30.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Hades Paradox Cup
Max out all four drive forms and summons to level 7.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Goddess of Fate Cup
You must win the previous cups and beat the first fight with Xemnas.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Paradox Cups: Cerberus Cup
You Form levels must be at Lv. 5, except Final Form. You must also unlock Paradox Cup: Pain and Panic.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Titan Cup
You must complete the Olympus Coliseum for the second time.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Torn Page 1
You can find it in the Disney Castle's Library.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Torn Page 5
You can find it in Agrabah at the Tower.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Torn Page 4
You can find it at the Land of the Dragons in the Throne Room.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Torn Page 3
You can find it in the Hallow Bastion at the Crystal Fissure.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Torn Page 2
You can find it in the Pride Lands at the Oasis.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Secret Movie on Proud mode
All you have to do seal all Keyholes.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Paradox Cups: Titan Cup
Your Summon level should be at Lv. 5 and have the Paradox: Cup Pain and Panic unlocked.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Pain and Panic Cup
You must complete Disney Castle for the first time.

Kingdom Hearts II Hint: Drive Gauge Filler
For Forms you get later, there is a quicker way to refill up the Drive Gauge. First, once the Drive Gauge fills up, do a Drive as usual. Before the Drive Gauge goes to empty, use a save point to exit out to the WorldMap. Come back and your Drive Gauge should be back to Max.

For a second way, it is with Olympus Coliseum later on. Enter and Exit out one of the Tournaments, your Drive Gauge will also be Max, regardless what you had.

That means if you have an empty Drive Gauge, you can fill it up to Max with the second way. Remember, later on, Summonings also require Drive Gauge and that means this is pretty handy.

Kingdom Hearts II Hint - Easy Coliseum Points
After you get the Ukelele Charm near the Computer Room in Hollow Bastion, go to any Underworld Coliseum Match and Summon Stitch. The second you do, wait for Ohana to appear in the Limit space. Use it, and use the square button command four times. Then, while there is still time, use the TRIANGLE command. After it's over, you will have time to use it again. When you are done, you will see you have a lot of points, but no monster is dead.

You might think it's useless, but if you want to see the Secret Ending in Normal Mode, then you'll almost need this trick for some of the matches to complete the insane amount of points you need to complete the Olympus Coliseum part of Jiminy's Journal.

Kingdom Hearts II Hint - Master Form Fast Mastery (Fastery)
Easily level up Master Form by going to the corridors outside Ansem's Lab. Leave Ansem's Lab and go to the first main room. Three Crimson Jazz enemies should appear. Change to the Master Form, beat the enemies, and collect the orbs they drop and keep moving to the other enemies. It's possible to kill them all within the same change. When you Drive Gauge depletes, go to Olympus for a recharge. You can find seven Crimson Jazz enemies for a total of 70 to 80 XP each time.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlock - Hades' Paradox Cup
Max out the level of your summoning and all your drives (including the Final Form).

Kingdom Hearts II Hint: Orichalcum + and Cure element
You'll receive these items when you complete 100 Acre Wood.

Kingdom Hearts II Hint: Blizzard element and Orichalcum +
Finish the Atlantica side mission.

Kingdom Hearts II Hint - Orihalcum Run
A good way to get Orichalcums is to find the Bulky Vendors. They go in a loop from planet to planet. Look in these planets to see which one you first find a Bulky Vendor in:

Agrabah ... in the Bazaar
Halloween Town ... Yuletide Hill
Beast Castle ... West Hall
The Land of Dragons ... Checkpoint
Olympus Coliseum ... Entrance to Cave of The Dead

Start with the planet you first found a Bulky Vendor and go down this list. Once it ends go back to the top. Orichalcums can help you make the Ultima Weapon. This system also helps you get eperiance points because Bulky Vendors give you 1100 exp. each! You might not get Orchalcums on the first try. But keep doing this and you will get Orchalcums!

Kingdom Hearts II Hint - Easy Hades Paradox Cup Round 48
Having trouble with Cloud, Leon, Yuffi and Tifa? Well here's a little tip that will garantee victory in a matter of minutes or seconds if done correctly. Simply put Reflega into your quick command display (any button will do) and cast the spell at the very beginning of the match.

All four will attack you, and the damage reflected is immense. Once your magic or health begins to get too low, simply glide to an empty side of the field and use a Hi-potion or ether. This way might be the cheapest way to win, but is very effective.

Kingdom Hearts II Easy Pride Land XP
After beating Scar and finishing Pride Lands for a second time there will be several Rapid Thruster heartless on the Peak each time you return there. These will give you 56 experience points a piece and are easy level-ups for levels 60 and lower.

To get more Rapid Thrusters to appear, all you must do is go back into the King's Den and then go directly back to the Peak. There will be another swarm of Rapid Thrusters there (all of which you can defeat for experience points unlike other scenarios where there are many Rapid Thrusters that can not be defeated. NOTE: Not all Rapid Thrusters will be open to attack all at once, more will become attackable as more are defeated).

You can also use the Thunder and Magnet magic options (or upgraded versions of them) as these will make the process quicker. They will also drop lots of magic orbs which will quickly refill your magic guage if you run around collecting the dropped orbs.

Submitted by a_guy_named_me (tall_one37)


magnet power

Kingdom Hearts II Hint: How to Beat Sephiroth
You need not to be lv 99! and have all the growth abilities( but they sure help)!! you'll need a big defence status. also remove any lucky lucky and drive abilities but leave trinity limit!(sora can perform the limit alone) AS shortcuts i recommend hi-potions, elixirs, reflega , curaga(seph. is immune to elemental spells like blizzaga) AS a keyblade i strictly recommend the ultima weapon(for it's ability!)

the battle: sephiroth will start with a FLASH, one of his devestating atttacks! be sure to press triangle immediately! after s. will begin a combo and hurls you in the air! DO NOT PREESS NOTHING!! when an orb appears press square( retalating slash) and begin your combo. after a few minutes s. will summon dark orbs in the arena which will stay stationary for a few seconds, be sure to use reflega on them! s. usually uses his ultimate attack! you can identify it because he floats and says SIN HEARTLESS ANGEL! jump(double jump) or use trinity limit yo stop it. s. also has his pillars of flame( he says PERISH NOW!) run away!!!then after some damage s. will have a pink glow(Safer mode i think) keep away from him as s. will get stronger!

Kingdom Hearts II Hint - Reset Nobodies and Heartless Monsters
If you need a specific Nobody or Heartless (except for bosses) to appear for experience or for synthesis items, simply defeat one batch of them and then proceed to a save point that has access to the World Map and gummi routes. Then, go back to that world (or wherever else you may need to) and all heartless / nobodies will reappear there in their original number.

For example, go to the Proof of Existence save point in The World That Never Was. From there, go to the balcony in The Hall of Empty Melodies where there are some nobodies. Once those are defeated, go back to Proof of Existence and go to the World Map. Then go directly back to the balcony of Hall of Empty Melodies and they will appear there again.

Cerberus Cup tournament

the best weapon are ultima weapon,save the queen and save the king.
to get save the queen get the recipe
and go to the moogle shop to synthesize
tthe get save the king its the same way to get save the king only the recipe is the king is a shield.
kingdom hearts II: weapons
whenever you discover a weapon always go for the strongest one not for what it looks like!!!! also look at what extra ability it gives you!!

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