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Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2 Cheats

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Playstation 2: Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2 Cheats

Naruto: Konoha Spirits Unlockable: Uchiha Itachi
Complete Kakashi Gaiden.

unlock all
during gameplay press up, down,left,right,x,x,x,x,o,down,down,up,down
naruto barrage
locked the enneme and after yous clone you chud have naruto barrage
how to get itachi
well.. you have to suk naruto girly ballz!
press circle cirlcle then you will get rasengan
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press R2
sasuke is handsome
sasuke is hot

Mother Rape!
Once you beat the story mode, you can see an interesting scene of Naruto raping ur mom.
all characters
unlock TEN TEN
to unlock ten ten u first beat missions and then beat the story 3 times
first get to the shop and press 000 triangle square square triangle 0
kills himself(or herself)
Itachi Uchiha and Kisame and sasuke
Beat story mode 2 times for sasuke and beat all missions to get kakashi gaiden beat gaiden and u get itach and kisame
Itachi Uchiha and Kisame and sasuke
Beat story mode 2 times for sasuke and beat all missions to get kakashi gaiden beat gaiden and u get itach and kisame
Glitch : Lion Barrage in Survival mode
If u have sasuke and his lion barrage go to survival mode and choose a rank that u fight ninjas(neji,Sakura etc) and finish the enemy off with lions barrage, u must kill him with the big kik at the end of his move and then ur stuk in a weird view
Helping hints
level up a character alot to where hes 2 away from getting max everything and go to survival mode and fight for the mony with that character to get mony for chips
more chakra!
during loading screens move the right thumbstick around untill a blue ball pops out then more chakra
more chakra!
during loading screens move the right thumbstick around untill a blue ball pops out then more chakra

Who is Tobi? hmmm? u ask???
Tobi is part of akatsuki he is amazing.though he may be silly theres one reason y.Tobi is......MADARA go see manga 367 thats proof. Hes also not in his original body.He wears a mask cause he has one eye.That one i is because he transfered his spirit into the dead obito with one eye. look tobi/obito obi obi tobi obito sound similair =l
does itachi die????
yes ill go through the steps. first comes naruto enraged that sasuke is only going after itachi to avenge and naruto wants to kill him so they can be friends again. He goes 4 tailed and beats itachi like crazy mad insane itachi dosent stand a chance. but of course naruto goes out of control and runs away.Then comes rock lee ,Lee opens gates 1-7 and non stand a chance he hits him 2 times during that but failed with the others.Then he opens gate of death. his hair turns flames and in one sec itachis face is buried into the ground in a crater.but lee dies cause of the gate of death. guy gives his life for him and lee is revived but guy is dead.Then comes itachis death. Sasuke appears. he says "ill kill u here and now". so they fight evenly matched and itachi uses mengekio sharingan. but sasuke uses lion barrage except instead of going through the combos he stabs him repetedly in the bak. but dosent die. he throws a kunai directly at the middle of his for head. but still not dead.Now Itachi enraged he shows a hidden sharingan. he says"ill never be killed by the likes of u!!!!!! Super Mengekio Sharingan!!!!!!!" . he beats sasuke up a bit but hes still no match. Sasuke throws a kunai in his eye and says "aaahhhrrgghhhh!!! ill never die!!!!" then right when he says that sasuke goes behind him grabs his sword and ssshhhhiinngggg ssspplllaatttt thump.....its over....sasuke chopped itachis head off and rolled away. then naruto sakura and sasuke became friends again.
who is akatsuki leader?????
First we thought it was yendomine the 4th hokage but that was a fake manga now they showed a recent manga that the leader is pein a guy from the rain village. he controls rain he can stop it and sence intruders chakra in the rain. then jiraiya grabs some suspects and hides inside a frog and asks them questions. he finds out pein killed honzao.jirayai stunned at this. Honzao is a mighty strong ninja who give the name to the 3 people the 3 sanins . the 3 sanins couldnt even defeat honzao not even orochimaru.but pein kills him and his family cousins and the babys. But we find out pein is taking orders from tobi(madara Uchiha) which means ....pein and tobi are not the leaders......yondomine is the leader hiding away in a unknown place hidden in the mist where no one can find him.
garra cheat
if beat 20 missions with garra in a row garra will smile and his arms will be gone.
hahahhaha itachi dies

unlock all charaters
how to beat the master puppet

how can i get all characters?
how can i get all characters???
of PTC Phase Encouraging Results Therapeutics 1 Presents ,
i need itachi and kisame
who knows how to get all characters

try gamewinners
for codes i guess......
itachi butsecks kisame
When you get itachi:
triangle square circle circle R2
unlock naruto episode 125
when you start go to the skills plate then take the skills off of every car then go do a D mission with out skills after that you will have the episode.
I said this before how to get sasuke and itachi and kisame!!!!!!!
Sasuke=beat story mode 2 times
Kisame and Itachi=beat all missions (which is very hard to me but i unlocked them.....Itachi is the ultimate character!!!) then after beat all missions kakshi gaiden will be unlocked. beat gaiden and u get them. Raise kakashi up a lot like his nin atk and taijutsu and health and chakra
Itachi moves on game and kisame
kisame=water shrak bomb jutsu water clone and water prison jutsu clone
Itachi=Pheonix flower jutsu , sukiyomi ,shadow clone kik. (more itachi details he doesnt walk his walking is dashing repeatidley. and punchs have blak aura that extends attack range
beat Master Puppet


I have a question. who is the (handsom blue beast)???? i know but do you???
Who Is It?
I have a question. who is the (handsom blue beast)???? i know but do you???

how to get sasuke

unlock naruto doing wazup
up down up up right left and circal hop u like it
Neji stun
Must have air dash! in level 10 in story mode before u go to get sakura there is a path that is strigh adead and is in the way of the water flow so u jump that from there walk until u see a place with a wall do triangle jump 2 times and u should be on the top of the wall where there is a chest and its neji stun
how to kill the puppet master
attack the orbs then wene he is down use shadow clone jutsu and let them atacck then you run back words and doge then repeet exedra
LEE IS THE handsom blue beast
who want to put a pussy in my mouth
guitar hero 80s
pro evolution soccer 6

Unlock Everything
Complete the "Story Mode" 5 times.
goku and luffy
go into kyuubi mode with naurto and let him die and then goku will appear let him die and luffy appears with infinite health, use his expansion jutsu to kill all enmeies in 1 hit
dusk clone
pein rocks $@$&@$*
infinitev virtue
up up xo down

all characters have health chacra tai atk tai def nin atk nin def up to 999
up up down down oo xx up up down

full life
get money and raise ur health lol
(not even a cheat)
Get Extra Characters
Sasuke: Beat Story Mode Twice (first time use Rasengan, second time use True Rasengan Its easier)
akatsuki Characters (Beat kakashi Gaiden[which is hard for me to do])
unlock everyone

how do 2 unloke chojie
Not a cheat
where do u put up up down down oo xx up up down

macete do naruto de fazer abrir todo mundo de uma so vez

give me all the cheats
I like your work!,
Good job.,
Nise site.,
hjsdcg hsbdsd
0000 ooooo triangle

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