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WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2007 Cheats

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Playstation 2: WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2007 Cheats

Road warriros

to compleat the game


for smackdown vs raw 2007
i need money
complete all game
put in left up down left xxxxxx triangle3 times
unlock mr. mcmahon eric bischoff and teddy long to fight with
to unlock teddy you beat the smackdown general maneger mode 5 times to unlock mr.mcmahon beat the raw genreal manegeger mode 5 times and a extra 5 times on general maneger on raw after you unlock all of them you instintly get paul heyman p.s you get to wrestle with them only on expibition
need money
put in up down right triangle square x
Clayton bigsby
At the main menu put in x o square triangle select start.after that u should hear a voice say-look no further fella.u found me.then clayton bigsby will unlocked for exibition mode
All belts
At the main menu put in square,up,down left and right
were do u typ it
were do u tip it
were do u typ it
were do u tip it

I love ashley renee
Up down left square at the main menu. I LOVE ASHLEY RENEE!
if it works you are a hero
get ecw tag team champs
go to championships scroll to world tag team championships hold L1 and press up down left right x o square triangle and then do the same with the wwe tag team titles

ECW campion
Go do united states champ belt and hold L1 and press x, x,triangle, x, o, and start

now its ecw camp belt save it its good belt
Yeasy Gm mod trophy
start game with 2 controls and if u wanna win trophy just hire one man do control 2 do one week and other player 7 mans do end of ear and matches set up auto there u have it u dont get all 5 stars but u get trophy
to get 1000000 cash
go to your locker room and then press on your belts and the press L1 R1 up,down,left,right
Unlock Rvd Money in the bank case
Win Money in the bank match in legend dificulty
How to get Vnce Mcmahon, Shane and all the ECW wrestlers without doin anyting

Put in on the main menu and press triangle,x,x,x,x, square, L2, L3,L3, R1
Not Working
not working lol tihs game have no chaets i tryd them just about 1 min agoooo
jimmy wang yang

smackdown vs raw 2007
jimmy wang yang
pro 6

how ?
were do you submit them
create x-pac

WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2007 Cheats
download free
wwe players

smackdown vs raw 2008
smackdown vs raw 2008
smackdown vs raw 2007
how you make hawk
smackdown vs raw 2007
how do you make the road warriors

unlock every wrestler ever been alive
xxxxoo^^^^up down left right
unlock hornswoogle
it realy works try it and u wont regret it.
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