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Resistance: Fall of Man Cheats

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Playstation 3: Resistance: Fall of Man Cheats

Resistance: Fall of Man Unlockable: Movie Player
Finish the game.

Resistance: Fall of Man Unlockable: MP Soldier Skin
Beat the game on superhuman.

Resistance: Fall of Man Unlockable: Weapons
What some new heat? Beat the game once on any difficulty level, and you can find new killing tools in these locations:

  • Reapers: During the "Gauntlet," you'll find it inside the house, in front of the square.
  • Backlash Grenade: During the "Cathedral," it's inside the house on the first room on the left.
  • Arc charger: During "No Way Out," it's at the end of the hallway near the officer's quarters.
  • L11-2 Dragon: During "Evacuation," it's inside the small bunker at the end of the Radial Mine path.
  • Splitter: During "A Desperate Gamble," it's on the second floor of the mall next to the viending machines by the windows.

Resistance: Fall of Man Unlockable: Superhuman Difficulty Level
Win on Hard difficulty.

Resistance: Fall of Man Unlockable: Black Ops with Skull head Costume
You must complete the game on Superhuman and achieve all skill points.

Resistance: Fall of Man Unlockable: Black Ops Skin
You finish Campaign mode on Superhuman difficulty.

Resistance: Fall of Man Unlockable: Nathan Hale Skin
Finish the Single player game.

Resistance: Fall of Man Unlockable: Mechanic Skin
Acquire all of skill points in Campaign mode.

Resistance: Fall of Man Unlockable: Ninja Medal
Acquire 60 melee kills.

chet wank
if u wank u get
wanking medal
if u wank the controller when yhe zombies come up and u will get a secret prize which changes every time u do it!!!!!!!
teabag cheat
when u teabag the chimera make sure u do it special because the chimera get horny when u do it
Kill Everything Within 400M
Do the biggest fart you can on your ps3 controler
Hillary Clinton Skin
Throw grenade and then sit on it.
kill everything on the map and in the game!!
all you gotta do is wank urself and spunk over all the chimera... simple!!
if u say hello 5 times u gt 100 kills

having hard time killing people online?
STRAFE, that is the basic tool that will help you win 1 vs 1 situations. circle your opponent while keeping your crosshairs on him and keep shooting. aim high and for the head. Also, if about to die, throw grenade on ground, might kill someone if you are lucky.
THE BULLSEYE, MY FAV WEAPON. tag the person with L1, the hold the R1 button, and blast the person into oblivion. I average about 15 kills and 5 deaths when only using bullseye.
secret wepon
in bus yard go to the bus closest to the left corner of the parking lot (facing away from the building) and use air vent to get on the bus.get on the front of the bus, then aim down at your feet and shoot half your ammo, reload. do this 3 times.
but on the third time crouch and melee RIGHT after. this will get you inside when inside go to the back of the bus and behind the seat will be a secret wepon, i would tell you what it does but that would be a spoiler. i guess insomniac got bored.
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