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Prince of Persia: Rival Swords Cheats

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Nintendo Wii: Prince of Persia: Rival Swords Cheats

beating the big guy

Prince of Persia: Rival Swords Unlockable: Video Mode
You must complete the game on any difficulty.

get a swordfish as a 2nd weapon
Pause the game and press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Z, Nunchuck Down, Z, Nunchuck Down.
allways dark prince
allways dark prince
beating the big guy

allways dark prince

Nintendo Wii: Prince of Persia: Rival Swords

beating the big guy

beat the big guy

arena stuck guy
im stuck on the arena ogar thingy too
big guy
how do u beat the big gyy????
why does every1 spam he cheats!!!
seriously why.... its pissing me off...
how ya do it
ok im paseed ogar but now stuck quite few saves away but im stuck getting that statue across the room in the royal workshop
prince of persia:rival swords
iv done it so ha
ryan g
hi guys



What do i do when i get on the platform when fighting the big arena guy.
How to beat the big guy
tou have to run about until you find some where to climb that brings him down to half health to the same again to the other climbing bit on the oppisite side after you do that you have to hit his legs until he dies.
If your stuck again
if your stuck just ask the question and say trooper at the end of it
prince of persia rival swords
we are stuck on the arena and the giant ogar or troll
big guy
hes easy run up walls and stab the dagery thing then go matrix and then do his legs in

wen the bell falls wat do i do??

im stuck in the arena
can anyone help me im stuck in the arena with the big guy hellllllllllllp
the big guy
can some 1 help me i dnt no how to beat that fat dude in the arena but it tells me to get onto a level in line wiv his eyes n i dun that but every time i go to hit him he slapps me out the way ??????? ???? ??? ?? ?? ?? ?
can some 1 help ill pay dem a cheat for it
can some 1 help me onthe ogre guy i get on him the cant move yyy
how to kill the ogre in the arena
runup 1 of the walls to get to 1 of the platforms level to his eyes then do a speed kill exactly when the dagger flashes otherwise it wont work
complete all the game
its solid how u beat the big guy ive tryed a dozen times lol pissin me off now !!!!!!!!
help how do you get out of the sewer
wii wii
he keeps chasin me
the sewers
how do you open the door to get passed the sewers?
i need help

Arena ogre in PP RVL SWRDS
Jump on the highest plat form an wait for 3 flashes The do it again 2 take out his other eye . Once u do that kill him from the legs
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