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The Godfather Cheats

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Xbox 360: The Godfather Cheats

The Godfather Cheat: Full ammo

The Godfather Cheat: Full Health

The Godfather Cheat: $5000

The Godfather Unlockable: All Movies
Pause the game and enter Y,X,Y,X,X LEFT ANALOG STICK.

The Godfather Unlockable: Dillinger
You must purchase 3rd upgrade for Tommy Gun.

The Godfather Unlockable: Street Sweeper
You must purchase 3rd upgrade for Shotgun.

The Godfather Unlockable: Luca's Demise Clip
You must get 30 Film Reels.

The Godfather Hint - Easy Cash And Respect
Just another tedious farming method. If you happen to find a racket truck outside your safe house(s), start a ruckus by shooting it so the truck's back door opens. Whack the goons, take the money left over, and interrogate the driver. Head back to your safe house and save the game. Heading back outside afterwards, another racket truck might spawn/appear allowing you to repeat the process.

The Godfather Unlock Film Clips
Unverified. On career progress, input YELLOW, BLUE, YELLOW, BLUE, BLUE, L3.

The Godfather Hint - Crack The Game Easily
To easily take over warehouses and hubs, even compounds and just make the game a lot easier, don't try to take anything over right from the jump.

Start off robbing banks and carrying out missions until you aquire $400,000. It takes some effort and time but it pays off big in the end. Purchase the 3rd level shotgun upgrade (the Street Sweeper). Then feel free to do whatever you please. This is easily one of the most powerful guns in the game. It generally requires only one shot to do the trick but sometimes it can take two.

The easiest way to get the $400,000 is doing missions, but robbing banks helps to. The easiest way to rob a bank is to pay off the cop outside. Walk into the bank and strangle the gaurds. They don't generally shoot if they see you strangling a fellow guard, they'll hit you with their club. Once one has been choked, proceed to do the same to the others until they're gone. Blow the vault and get out as quickly as possible. Hurry to your safehouse and save your game. Try to do this as often as possible.

Once you have the money to pay for the Streetsweeper weapon ($350,000) it's smooth sailing!

level 4 weapons
go to X-box live marketplace and buy with your msp the upgrade for the level 4 weapons it says the name clearly then download it and enjoy
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